Saturday, May 6, 2017

Art Event-Light City

This exceeded my expectations. There were so many different mediums of art and it was all so alive. I was fascinated by the fabric/ light display in McManus--it reminded me of a combination of a teepee, circus solei, and a hurricane. The Library and Sellinger totally took me by surprise, I wish they always looked like that. I liked the films projected outside because usually, the only art you see outside is sculptures. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland moving through time and space because everyone was silent and just in awe of everything. I couldn't believe the transformation. I also appreciate the different messages of the art. Some seemed to provoke school pride, others focused on the environment and conservation. They all used light in unique ways and played with the idea of "light" and "light" v. "dark". We sometimes only think of light as the absence of dark and dark as the absence of light but this showed that there is more to it. Light can be constant and steady or fluctuating, moving, and Alive! The artists also brought color to the discussion so it wasn't just white light which is what I think of when I think of light (I literally think of a lightbulb that is bright white and turned on). The eye path was very literal in some of these works because the artist physically moved the eye by turning the lights on in a sequence. However, the viewer breaks this intentionality by walking up to the work when it is in the middle of a sequence... this is a cool thing to consider because it doesn't happen with still works. After all, a movie and a song can have entirely different meaning if you miss the first half. With art that moves through a sequence, there is a beginning and an end... or is there? Maybe true art does not have a defined beginning and end just like it does not have only one specific meaning.

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