Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Student Art Show

I thought this was such a creative use of the color wheel. It also reminded me a bit of data representation. Associating colors, words and animals would be a great way to teach children.

I stared at this for a while trying to find the ideological meaning. I think it is highlighting that America is a very consumerist society, focused on image and perfectionism. 

I really appreciated the creativity of using paper towel to make the koi fish pond! It was also symbolic/ironic because paper towel absorbs water so this is a water-less bond where the fish would actually die. The ink and the watercolor combination came out really well and made this piece clean and bold!

I think this sketch really comes to life. I can hear the person in the image making a loud funny sound. The artist really brought life to the work by capturing the personality of the subject.

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