Thursday, March 16, 2017

Data Visualization

I really enjoyed this piece because it made me view data in a whole new perspective (as cliche as that may sound). I love to find art and beauty in everyday things. I often wish I could take a picture of what I see when I close my eyes, to immediately be able to put flashes of color and light onto paper.

I thought it was interesting that they discussed map-making as a form or art and data visualization because I never considered that. The images they showed of data in a a snapshot were beautiful and mysterious. I would bet that those all happened by accident or were created by mathematicians and scientists, not "artists"... but this just further proves that you do not need to make a career of art in order to be an artist.

I also related to the part about graphics and their significance because in my previous internships I've worked a lot with info-graphics and I know how vital they are to conveying a message or relaying a brand. I am a visual learner and I know that many other people are as well, yet we never consider art to be something educational or informative. If it has text it can't be beautiful, but that is wrong. Creativity is expressed in many of the mediums we use on a daily basis and this piece proves that. "see to learn don't see to confirm" was something that really spoke to me because it involves significantly altering how you view EVERYTHING; it must be a purposeful and repeated practice, it doesn't just happen.

Finally, this reminded me of a TV show I really like where an artist works in a laboratory, surrounded by scientists. The writers of the show emphasize the importance of the two branches working together and how the two fields overlap more than we can imagine. For example, one of the scientists shows the artist how microbes or fungi viewed under a microscope can actually be quite beautiful. Again, like I stated above, I really appreciate the simple, natural beauties that we so often overlook or we grow so accustomed to seeing that we begin to take for granted.

Neurons under a microscope:
Image result for neurons under a microscope art

Glow worms in a cave:
Image result for glow worms

Bone under a microscope:
Image result for microscope art from bones

Nerves, Vessels and Neuropeptides in and around the stem cell bridge/ bulge:

Image result for cells blown up for photographs

more examples:

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