Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I really liked the line "the poet has to imagine visually both what his actor sees and what he thinks he sees, what he dreams, what he remembers, what he sees represented, or what is told to him, just as he has to imagine the visual content of the metaphors he uses to facilitate this process of visual evocation." According to the author, Dante is trying to define the role of imagination. This really struck me because while I've often appreciated the value of imagination and the importance of using imagination, I've never considered the specific role/ purpose of imagination. One thing I am sure of is that children use their imagination much more than do adults, but it is entirely false to say that imagination is less vital to adults. I think that one of the ways adults lose their dreams, passions, goals, personalities and happiness is if they lose their imagination. When we say that someone is a child at heart we mean that he or she is whimsical and full of life and love. Whimsy and imagination go hand in hand. It is easy to love the world and love life if you still believe that you can shape the world. Artists are by definition creative because they are imaginative, much in the same way as writers and engineers. Both types of adults still believe that they can shape the world. It is because they believe they can shape the world, that they do. They use imagination and they contribute to the world. I believe that this is the role of imagination, to love life and thus build upon it. The writer the artist and the engineer are examples of the two types of imaginative process. The theory that science and art are related and that the greatest in each field will share characteristics with the other is supported on page 88 where it states that imagination can be a phase that scientists need in order to form hypotheses. It then says that there are contradicting ideas and opposing thoughts about this concept. However, I believe that hypotheses are the perfect example of imagination and creativity being used in a concrete way to bring about change and encourage learning.

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